Standards for Alabama Libraries Service Population Under 5,000
Gold Star
Blue Ribbon

.07 Sq Ft per capita

1.1 square ft per capita 2.0 Sq Ft capita or minimum of 2000 Sq Ft whichever is greater
  Meets ADA    
  Has identifying sign & hours posted    
  Has after hours book return    
Administration & Governance Library is locally established -- State Code 11-90-(1-4)    
  Library Board employs the library director and delegates active management of the library to the director. Board funds continuing education for director. Board provides continuing education for director and staff.
  Director is a member of ALLA Director & key staff are members of ALLA Director is a member of ALA.
  Library holds 4 board meetings annually    
  Board meetings oopen to the public -- State Code 13A-14-2    
  Orientation for new board members    
  One member of the library board is a member of ALLA All members of the board are members of ALLA One member of the board is a member of ALA.
  Library services & policies manual(s)    
Planning Library has a current long range plan on file at APLS Paton survey completed within the last 3 years Community analysis every 5 years.
  Library sumbits a monthly statistical report Prepares annual narrative report Publishes annual report
  Library has technology plan on file at APLS    
  Plans are evaluated annually    
Budget Library meets MOE    
  Written annual budget    
  Official financial statement sent to APLS    
  Minimum of $13.00 per capita from local income (government, paid direct, other) Minimum of $20.00 per capita Minimum of $25.00 per capita
Hours of Operation Open 16 hours per week Open 20 hours per week with at least 4 hours after 5 PM / weekends Open at least 30 hours per week with at least 8 hours after 5 PM / weekends
Staffing .5 FTE (full-time equivalent) .5 FTE per 1000 population 1 FTE per 1000 population
  Director will have a high school diploma Director has BA / BS Director has MLS
Employee Benefits Health insurance is provided for full time employees    
  Employer participates in a retirement system for full time employees    
Administrators' Meetings & Continuing Education Director will attend 4 professional / continuing education meetings per year Director will attend 5 meetings per year Director will attend 6 meetings per year
  Library staff will attend 1 continuing education meeting per year    
Promotion & Partnering Handout describing library, resources, services & hours    
  Participates in statewide databases    
  Engages in 3 cooperative activities with other libraries Participates in community based networking opportunities Membership by staff, director or board in community organizations
  Implements 3 publicity techniques outside the library per year    
  Sponsorship opportunities    
Collection 4 items per capita 8 items per capita 10 items per capita
  AVL access for staff & patrons    
  Turnover rate of .5 Turnover rate of 1 Turnover rate of 1.5
  Weeds collection 3% per year Weeds collection 4% per year Weeds collection 5% per year
  5% of holdings added per year 7% of holdings added per year 10 % of holdings added per year
  Provides local newspaper(s)    
  Has basic reference collection    
  10% of non-fiction collection published within last 5 years    
Services Reference all hours open    
  Interlibrary loan    
  Reader's advisory    
  Photocopier / computer printer for the public    
Technology Library has an automated public access catalog    
  Library has an automated circulation system    
  Library has public access computer(s)    
  Library has public & staff Internet access    
  Library has a telephone message system    
  Expired patron records are deleted at least every 5 years    


(If Applicable)

Library engages a registered architect    
  Library engages a building consultant    
  Space needs assessment prepared every 5 years    
  Plan for 20 years growth of population of service area