Publications available from the Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society


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#5 War Was the Place: A Centennial Collection of Confederate Soldier Letters and Old Oakbowery, Chambers County, Alabama. 1961. Reprinted 2001. William H. Davidson, Editor. Paperback, 198 pages, including 6 pages of photographs, indexed. onsite $14.00, by mail $17.00.

#12 Proudest Inheritance: A Bicentennial Tribute. 1975. William H. Davidson, editor. Hardback. 91 pages, indexed. onsite $5.50, by mail $7.50.

Contains the records of the Chattahoochee Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, which was organized in West Point, Georgia on November 7, 1917 and disbanded December 20, 1933. Also contains the names of some Revolutionary soldiers from Chambers County, Alabama.   

#14 A Survey of Cemeteries in Chambers County, Alabama, 2nd edition. 1990. Margaret Parker Milford and Eleanor Davis Scott, editors. Hardback, 317 pages. onsite $25.00, by mail $29.00.

This edition contains 42 cemeteries not included in the first edition.

#17 Memories of the Great Depression. 1993. Reprinted 2001. Randall Allen, editor and illustrator. Paperback. 144 pages. onsite $10.00,  by mail $13.00..

Contains 65 personal experience stories of the Depression era from 46 local authors.

#18 Chronicles of the Chattahoochee Valley, Vol. 1. 1995. Reprinted 2001. Randall Allen, editor. Paperback. 189 pages, 16 photographs. onsite $10.00,

by mail $13.00.

Thirteen essays on various topics, mostly from Alabama.

#20 The Battle of West Point, April 16, 1865. 1998. Eleanor Davis Scott and Carl Summers, Jr., editors. Hardback. 140 pages, 35 photographs. Indexed. onsite $25, by mail $29.00.

Eleven eyewitness accounts by soliders who fought at Fort Tyler, six eyewitness accounts by women of the West Point area, and a historian's account of the battle.

#21 I Must Tell: An Autobiography of Benjamin F. McPherson, 1825-1909. 1998. Leonard L. Blanton, Jessie Summers and Carl Summers, Jr., editors. Hardback. 187 pages, 16 photographs. onsite $20.00, by mail $24.00.

Includes 10 generations of McPherson genealogy.

#22 1884 LaFayette Sun. 2002. Glenda Brack, editor. Hardback. 326 pages. Indexed. onsite $25.00, by mail $29.00.

This interesting collection of newspaper abstracts from the year 1884 gives an intimate view of daily life in Chambers County, Alabama. This volume is of great interest to anyone whose ancestors lived in the area during this time, only 19 years after the War Between the States.

#23 Antioch Baptist Church, Chambers County, Ala., 1835-1912. Glenda Brack, editor. Hardback. onsite $26.00,  by mail $31.00.

Transcript of original notes of the historic Antioch Church founded on May 10, 1835. These records will be valuable for church members, for genealogists and those studying the history of the area.

#24 Confederate Soliders from Chambers County, Alabama and Thereabouts, 2nd expanded edition. 2004. Carl Summers, Jr., editor. Hardback. 304 pages, 349 photographs. Indexed. onsite $30.00, by mail $34.00.

The first edition was published in 1993 and was out of print for ten years. This second edition has been expanded and revised including 349 photographs and biographies of Confederate soldiers (146 more than the first edition.) It also contains more brief regimental histories and personal accounts of those who served in the War. The book contains 3,000 names and is fully indexed.

#25 Chambers County Courthouse, 1899 Historical Cornerstone Artifacts, 1899-2003. 2004. Don Clark, Leita Day, Nina Langley and Virginia Weldon, editors. Hardback. 267 pages. Indexed. onsite $25.00, by mail $29.00.

Artifacts depicting Chambers County history which had been sealed in the cornerstone of the Chambers County Courthouse for 104 years.