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Collection Title:  Virginia Brannon Smith – Miscellaneous Papers


Folder            Description                            


            1            Composition by H. C. Wooddy,March  7,1891, student at the Dudleyville Male and Female Academy. 7 5/8” x 9 11/16”, lined                 folded paper used for pages 1-4, page 5 is on the back of a Dudleyville Male and female Academy  letterhead page,  8  1/8” x

                          9 ¾”. Name and date appear on letterhead side.


2                    Photocopy of a concert program dated July 13th, 1894; concert presented by Mrs. Eunice Winston’s Music Class.


3                    Photocopy of a document prepared by voting officials of Chambers County, August 3, 1857, verifying that John Cotton Cotter had sworn to his naturalization and thus eligibility to vote in the election held August 3, 1857.


4                    Bulletin issued by The Alabama State Board of Health, 1918, titled “From Father to Son.” 6” x 9”, 10 pages.


5                    March 1931 Telephone Directory for West Point, Ga. and Lanett, Ala. published by the Interstate Telephone Company.


6                    Program of the East Alabama Red Men and Pocahontas Convention held in Langdale, Alabama, March 12, 1927.  3 5/8” x 5 7/8” pamphlet containing the By-Laws governing Neoma  Council , No. 6,  Degree of Pocahontas Improved Order of Red Men., Langdale; 1925; blue cover. 3 ¾” x 6” pamphlet containing the By –Laws governing Osanippa  Tribe, No. 40, Improved Order of Red Men, Langdale, 1925; red cover 4 ¼” x6 ½” pamphlet containing the By-Laws of  Neoma Council, No.6; 1909; red cover, signature W. L. Morris inside cover.  Opening Closing and Adoption Odes of Councils Degree of Pocahontas Improved Order of Red Men. Book, 4 7/8” x 7 ½”, red cover.




7                    Record book of the RAM, Langdale Chapter No. 132, with a list of members. 4 5/8” x 7” Time Book.


8                    Magnolia Lodge No. 516, West Point Mills, By Laws, 1906; 3 5/8” x 5 3/8  pamphlet, grey. Magnolia Lodge No. 516, pledges signed by members, 1922. (18) Member copies of the By-Laws of Magnolia Lodge No. 516, Ancient, Free and Accepted  Masons, Langdale, Al, 1925; 3 ¼” x 5 7/8”, light blue cover. (3 copies)) Brief history of the chapter and list of past master included. 2 ½” x 4” pamphlet of the Union Lodge No. 28, F & A M, 1930; contains lodge history and list of members; light blue. Program, chambers County Masonic Conference held August 14-15, 1925, Shawmut, Alabama.


9                     Ledger, 8”x 13 1/8”, handwritten title “Time Book
Beginning July 18/71 Ending Nov18/72”


10               Callaway Baptist Preachers 1789- 1953.  Timothy Walton Callaway, D.D. Published by the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation, Lagrange, Ga. 1953. 8” x 10 5/8”, black hardcover. Book is bowed, title on front cover, partially worn away.


11               4 ¼” x 6 ¾” Hank Book , WestPoint Manufacturing Co., Langdale, Alabama.  Used for membership records of Magnolia Lodge 516 AF & AM.  Covers, very tattered.  Loose in booklet:  Daily Loom Report for Langdale Mill,  192-, blank; program for a  Chambers County Masonic conference,  August 22-23, 1930, Lafayette, Ala;  poem titled “The Ford Psalm”, newspaper clipping with articles dated Sept. 23,____on “Merchant Minute Men”, and one of the death of  Edwin Earheart, father of Amelia Earheart.


12               Masonic Mutual of Alabama 1919. 8th edition.  Includes an “Early History of  Free masonry in Alabama” 3 5/8 x 5 ¼”, black leather (torn tattered) with title and Masonic symbol in gold lettering.


13                Aetna Life Insurance policies covering employees of the WestPoint Manufacturing Co., Langdale Mill No.’s 329, 329-A, 329-B coverage for  W.L. Morris.


14               “Records of the Sixth Great Sun Council of Alabama Degree of Pocahontas.” Pamphlet, 6” x 9”, 1914.


15               7 ½” x 3” receipt book, brown. Receipts to W.L. Morris for payment to the Orphans Fund Account, 1921-1923.


16               Business card from Demp’s Place, Langdale.


17               Scouts. 50th Anniversary, Girl Scout Leader. March 1962.  Booklet, “50th anniversary  of girl scouting,  “1912-1962, 8 ¾ x 8 ¼, 32 pages ,b/w and sepia pictures.


18               Drawing, “Birthplace of Senator Hill.”


19               Reid family chart, 1698-1964.  24” x 19” hand-drawn genealogical chart.  Prepared by Robert H. Reid, Jacksonville, FL, 1964.


20               14” x 11” movie poster (color) of “Gone With The Wind.” Corners discolored from scotch tape, and discolored in places.


21               Virginia Smith, biographical: Photo and cutline, Birmingham News, “Alabama’s Gracious Ladies,” 1/3/1954; feature article in the 11/7/93         Columbus Ledger Enquirer.


22               Transcripts (typed,onionskin) of three letters from Annie Oslin Crawford  (daughter of Dr. Oslin, physician in CSA, West Point, GA) to Miss Gladys Ozley, dated 9/21/1960, 4/10/1961, and 6/20/1961.


23               Chambers County School Messenger. Photocopy and original of V1 N5 – April 1924; VII N6 – March 1925; Original of V3 N1 – November 1925.  Originals encased in mylar.24.


24               Color slides, subjects include businesses, Burnt Village, the West Point Dam, Callaway Gardens, and businesses in West Point.


25               Alabama Historical Association. Copy of Historical Highway Markers in Alabama placed by The Alabama Historical Association, 1964(1), 1965(2).  Article, “Canoeing on the Coosa” by Marvin B. Small.  Programs of pilgrimages and Annual Meetings.


26               Alabama Historical Association. Correspondence, 1959, 1966, 1969, 1970.  List of Alabama forts, and dates of establishment.  Photocopy, statement published in newspaper by Alabamians who refused to sign the Ordinance of Seccession, 1861, handed out as souvenir of AHA fall meeting , 1954.


27               Alabama Historical Commission.  Copy of enabling legislation (bill) introduced before the Alabama Legislature.  Copy of law following enactment.  Press releases of AHC members and statewide survey results; program for first and second annual meeting.  Covered bridges survey results; list of Alabama places listed on the National Register of Historic; list of Chambers County probate judges, 1833-1983.  AHC forms for surveys to be conducted on county level.  AHC “Newsletter,” March & June, 1970.


28               Alabama Historical Commission.  Memoranda from the AHC 1968-1970.  Handwritten notes on Historical Preservation Week.


29               Alabama Historical Commission.  Text of speeches given on March 31, 1969 before the Alabama Historical Commission.


30               Alabama Hall of Fame 1962.  The Story of Its Origin and of the Lives and Accomplishments of the Alabamians Elected to it.  8 ½” x 7” booklet.


31               Chambers County Commission.  Photostat of  minutes from the Commissioners Court 1833-1834.  Transcription of minutes from Commissioners Court Special Term, December 1, 1898.


32               Photocopies made from microfilm copy of Chambers County Newspaper, Tribune, and East Alabamian, 1843.


33               Miscellaneous collection of  Chambers County history in various formats.   Sites of historic significance around the county.  Paper on Standing Rock Bank; article of Five Points.  Copies(2) of E.G. Richards Reminiscenses of the Early Days in Chambers County; “Facts” brochure; briefly sketched histories; brief history of state lottery used to establish and support Southern Military Academy, photocopy np cutline. Pc. photo, brief descript. Five Points Consolidated School.


34               Chambers County.  List of Chambers County Probate Judges 1833-1983; and Circuit Clerks 1833-1964.  Grand Jury report, circ 1968, 1969.  Correspondence and proposal from Phillip Fretwell regarding costs and methods of surveying and mapping the land in Chambers County for Tax Office, Jan – June 1969.  General highway may of the county, 1973.


35               Chambers County Lake Development Committee correspondence  (photocopy), and fact sheet.


36               Chambers County Democratic Executive Committee, 1970 resolution; handwritten notes, undated.


37               “A Comprehensive Water and Sewer Plan Chambers County, Alabama.” 55 page, spiral –bound, 8 ½”x 11” plan, with comprehensive maps, prepared by Delta Associates, Inc. , Columbus, GA and Phenix  City , AL. August, 1968.


38               Alabama Conservancy, The.  Environmental Newsletter, 1969.  8 ½” x 14”, 2 pages.


39               Alabama  Sesquicentennial, 1819-1969; newspaper articles; press releases; sticker; “money,” stamp; graphic images.


40               Alabama Historical Society. Paper by Peter Brannon titled,  The Years of the Alabama  Historical Society.”  Reprinted breakfast talk, reprinted and bound in 6” x 9” booklet, pale blue cover.  Np article on Jacksonville and Calhoun Co.’s tour, 1966.  Npa’s;  William Davidson’s presentation of paper to AHS and on reprint of article in Alabama Lawyer.


41               Alabama State Department of Archives and History.  Bulletin  V.2N.1, 1925. Np feature 1967.


42               Program, Women’s College of Alabama, 5th Annual Reception of the Brannon Historical Society to the Alabama Anthropological Society, April 28, 1931.


43               Old Cahabal  Npa, 1967, on clean-up effort of women in a rural statewide cleanup sponsored by Alabama  Farm Bureau; brochures; booklet (5 7/8” x 8 ¾”): “A Glance at Old Cahaba, Alabama’s Early Capital,” by Bert Neville, 1961.  See F98, Mirabeau  Buonaparte Lamar, who lived in Cahaba, circ 1819, and worked on The Cahaba Press.  Repro. map drawn 1948 from original records, with legend and graphic inset of sites.  


 43-I    Cahaba Historical Commission.  Correspondence between VBS and      

            M.L. Miles, Secretary to the Commission; Resolution of the CHS; reprint of article from the Selma Times Journal, 1960 regarding vandalism; promotional map of Old Cahaba.


44               Historic Homes of Alabama.  Includes a postcard of “The Magnolia,” mimeographed, 11 page paper on “The Forks of Cypress” and James Jackson; magazine article on “The Tyson Place,” brief history and plans for restoration of “Bluff Hall;”  First White House of the Confederacy.

45               Alabama Constitution News article on discovery of original constitution; press release and AHA materials on display of original constitution, 1969 in Huntsville, 150 years after signed.  Copy of proposed amendment to the constitution(undated).  List of signers of original.




46               Alabama – Historical and Recreational Sites.  Literature, NpA; Booklets: “Places of Historical Interest in Alabama;”  Alabama Heart of Dixie;” “Souvenir Book of Alabama;” 6 pstcd: rural & industrial Tuscumbia area; pstcd Lauderdale Co. Cthouse; psted Dothan parade; 2 bumper stickers; W.C.Handy Museum; “Y’all Come.”  Alabama Today and Tomorrow, Feb. 1961;  Russell Cave, feature;  City of Mobile; Bellingraph Gardens; City of Montgomery, flier and map; Gainesville, Alabama; misc. pstcds. Booklet: sites-Alabama’s Black Heritage.  Significant architecture, and ante-bellum, civil war and reconstruction era history, Jacksonville, Cleburne and Calhoun Counties.  C of C lit. and civil war era reminiscences, Troy and Pike county.  Brochures, Ivy Green, birthplace Helen Keller.  Sun mag. page, Jasmine Hill Gardens.


47               Alabama Cities/Towns – Sesquecentennial Celebrations.  News features, programs, fliers and a brochure on sesquecentennial clelebrations  in Demopolis, Huntsville, and Selma/Dallas county.


48               Alabama Civil War Centennial Commission.  Minutes, meeting 10/11/1961; publication, 1963, by  A.B. Moore titled: “Reasons for the National Centennial Commemoration of the Civil War:  Its Basic Objectives and Potential Values.” (2) The Whitley Hotel, Montgomery, Alabama menu:  “Civil War Centennial Commemoration 1861-1961.”  “100 years Ago” news bits for Alabama Radio and TV Stations, 1962-1964.   Letter to VBS, re Ft. Tyler; undated memorandum, 8 ½” x 14” paper, from the executive director of ACWCC.  Newsletter,  V4 N1, 1963. (4)



48- a   Alabama Civil War Centennial – Publications.  “Civil War Centennial      

            Bulletin No. 1;” official Highway Map , 1961; “Manual for Alabamians;”       

            Booklets: “Some Notable Alabama Women During the Civil  War,” 1962; “A Brief Story of Women’s Role  in the Confederacy,” 1964. “Brief Historical Sketches of Military Organizations Raised  in Alabama During the Civil War,” 1962;  “Location and Classification and Dates of  Military Events in Alabama, 1861-1865.”  News release on acquisition of film on the C.S.S. Alabama.


49               Civil War Centennial Commission.  Newsletters titled”100 Years After,” from May 1958 (1 nlt-1958) – 1964; 5 ½ “ x 8 ½” booklet, “Guide for the Observance of the Centennial of the Civil war,” Sept. 1958; booklet by  James I. Robertson, Jr. titled “The Civil War,” (2)


50               Abraham Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission. “The Lincoln                             Sesquicentennial Intellligencer.” 1959.  V1 N1 (Jan), V1 N2 (March)(2 copies, V1 N3 (june)(2 copies), V1 N4.


51               State of Alabama.  “Report of the Comptroller of Public Accounts, of THE STATE OF ALABAMA TO THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY.” 1857. Montgomery :  Smith and Hugher, Book and Job Printers.  5 ½” x 8 ¼” booklet with foldouts.  Discolored, signed top right of title page.  Photocopies of sections giving tax/property information on the counties.


52               State of Alabama – Miscellaneous. “Alabama State Emblems;  Alabama Directory” – 1955; History of admission to statehood, 1819, in np article reprinting column of Judge Walter B. Jones.  Varied np articles:  Column on murder of Albert Patterson; U.S. Highway 431; Medicaid in the state, etc.  Naming of new poet laureate, Bert Henderson. (npa, undated).


53               Alabama-Georgia – Covered Bridges.  Includes photocopy of REA publication The Poster with article on Glass  Bridge;e;postcard Sumpter Co. bridge.


54               Georgia – Historical sites, history.  Pamphlets on “Fort Frederica,” “Midway  Colonial Museum.;” “Westville;”  Newspaper articles/features on Jekyll Island;  Vann House; Georgia Folk Archives; Jarrett Manor/Traveler’s Rest; Eagle Tavern; State of Georgia, circ 1825, map; Lafayette in Georgia; Reprint of article “The Gold Rush in Georgia.”






55               Chambers County – Geographic history.  Streams and Water Mills.  Bibby’s Ferry, np feature.  Brief history Five Points, picture residence/Pcy.



56               Cusseta-Oakbowry-Mt. Jefferson area – history of area and buildings; list of settlers in Cusseta before Indian Removal; handwritten notes, Mt. Jefferson cemetery; list of volunteers, June 28, 1861, to Confederate States  military.


57               Chattahoochee River.  Two typewritten papers and handwritten notes by VBS.  Article titles “The Future of the Chattahoochee,” GEORGIA County Government Magazine, January 1966; newspaper articles on history, and on proposed economic development; committee list of the Georgia Commission for the Chattahoochee River, 1967; article, pollution: brochure published by Chattahoochee River  Basin Development  Commission.  Report from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  titled “Preliminary Flood Plain Information Chattahoochee River West Point Dam to Lake Harding.





57a     Study of the Potential Traffic for the Proposed River Navagation Channel to Atlanta.  Report prepared by Conway Research Inc. for the Chattahoochee River Basin Development Commission, 1967.


58               West Point Dam and Reservoir.  Papers, brochure on plans for then recreation available at the West Point Reservoir; maps(2) – West Point Reservoir ; Maps/diagrams of dam, river and reservoir; paper on acquisition of property; newspaper articles on relocation of cemeteries and house necessitated by dam; progress reports; dedication of dam, program of events; brief history (1928-1974) by R. Shaefer Heard.  Letters to press re Time Capsule for the West Point Dam.  Program and press release re placement of first concrete at WP Dam.  Telegram of regrets from Sen. Herman Talmadge. Press releases for various stages of dam completion.  Npa on removal of the Monroe Potts house, built circ 1850.



58a     National Rivers and Harbors Congress.  Brochure and news release on appointment of R. Shaefer Heard as member/ud.


59               Burnt Village Park.  William Davidson address (2 copies); photocopy of printed transcription of pre-1854 account of the burning of the village; Progress Report III – August 1969; Manuscript for speech or article, author unknown; newspaper articles; carbon of article written by Virginia Smith for “East Alabama Today,” press release on recreational options available at the park; flier with map descriping the park campground, rules, reservations and rates.


60               Chambers County Hospital.  Booklet(7” x 10  ¼”) titled “Facts About Your New County Hospital, “10/29/61.(2 copies)  Handwritten letter-to-editor, 1961.


61               Batson Memorial Hospital.  Transcription of program for unveiling of the portrait of the Honorable W.C.Batson, June 11, 1939;  carbon  of a speech given at dedication;  2-page speech soliciting money for Easter Seals/TB.   


62               Chattahoochee Valley Hospital Society/Lanier Memorial Hospital.  Fundraising letter from John Will Johnson, President of the CVH Society; groundbreaking for the Chattahoochee Valley  Hospital (1948): program, carbon of remarks by J.W. Johnson and WRLD broadcaster’s script, news story.  Dedication of hospital (1949):  speaker’s platform seating plan, dedication program; speech by John W. Johnson.


63               Alabama-Georgia Valley Hospital  Society.  Newspaper articles regarding formation and activities of committee which resulted in formation of the society whose function was merger of Valley and Lanier Memorial Hospitals.  6-part newspaper series printing results of medical survey of the valley area commissioned by the committee.  1966-1969.  Photostatic copy of lease between city of West Point and the Society Oct. 24, 1969.


64               Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society .  Miscellaneous correspondence, letters dating from 1959 – 1969; one letter, 1975.


65               Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society.  Membership and committee lists.  Miscellaneous papers on meetings; meeting notices; newspaper articles; script from VBS radio program.


66               Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society – Publications.  Projects.  Miscellaneous.  Contains newspaper articles, booklets on Benjamin Hawkins and the Valley Historical Scrapbook; mock-up of flier promoting Battle of West Point centennial envelope; papers, etc. relating to publications and promotion of publications of the CVHS.  Copies, 100th commemoration Battle of West Point program.


67               Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society – Archaeological excavation of Burnt Village.  Newsclippings and letter regarding project.


68               Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Np articles; publications of the Industrial Development Committee, (1963 – “Grouped for Growth”); “Economic Analysis of the Chattahoochee Valley,” 1969 survey report; promotional packet on Chambers Co. Industrial Development Area; press release in conjunction with Centennial Celebration of textile mills in area; handwritten notes; misc. items.


69               Chattahoochee Valley Safety council.  Press releases.


70               Valley Lions Club.  News photos; 25th anniversary booklet, 1961; VBS-radio manuscripts for July 9 and 29th, 1959.


71               West Point Manufacturing Company/West Point Pepperell.  1964 address by Joe L. Lanier, dedication historical marker in Langdale; program; press release.  Organization, West Point Manufacturing Co., 1880; Jno. D. Johnson’ name inside booklet.  Carbon of letter to Ralph McGill from Julian M. Longley defending textile mills, praising the West Point Manufacturing Co. Printed “Address to the Stockholders” given by George H. Lanier, 1942  Blurb on WPMfgCO in 7/16/24 issue of Commerce and Finance.  Write-up on renovation of Langdale Auditorium.  Wine Coca, historical sketch.


71-a   West Point Manufacturing – Mills  NpA on events connected with specific mills; photographs and post cards of schools, monuments, recreation centers,  and infrastructure built by and because of the  Company, (Series #’s B503, 509, 510, 513, 515, 517) and lanett and Langdale Parks.  Post card of the GHL Hospital; copy (front cover loose, in bad repair) of “A Tale of Five Cities.”  1st, 2nd and 3rd edition “Living and Working in the Valley.” Sample of Riverdale Mill’s seal; memo paper from Langdale Mill.  Npa on possibility of selling mill houses to employees, 2/6/53.                     


      71-b  West Point Manufacturing  Company – 75th and Centennial Celebration.  Guidelines for civic groups;  93 copies , program carbon; speech.  Newcomen address, “The First Seventy-Five Years of West Point Manufacturing  Company 1880-1955;”The WESTPOINTER, 75th Anniversary edition.


       71-c  West Point Manufacturing Company – Employee Awards.  Fifty-Year Club booklets 1947-1952; Service Pin Awards 1957, 1962, 1963.  1942 Award of Excellence to the Mills of the WPMfgCo, presentation booklet.


       71-d  .West Point Perrerell.  1967 Stock Listing – Columbus Ledger
  4/15/69 Employee News.  Capsuled history.  Npa re implementation of hearing conservation program.  Annual  Reports 1969 and 1974.  Photo, John  P. Howland, Chairman/CEO of West Point Pepperell.  Comments of J.L. Lanier, 1969 annual stockholders’ meeting ; quarterly earnings, end 1969; vita, npa, Admiral Thomas H. Moorer’s speech to WPP stockholders.


       71-e   WPP-Friendly Half Hour.  Program outline and b/w 8x10 photographs (2) with cutlines of program’s musicians.


72               Chattahoochee Valley  Railway.  CV Railway advertising card with map of line from West Point to Bleeker on one side(2).  Brief history (1 page) of CV Railway history as written by A.L. Swint in 1961(3).  Schedule and wire service copy, and letter re Special Train of the National Railway Historical Society from Atlanta to Bleeker, 4/1961.  Valentine and letter from Lee Swint on CV Railway  Co. letterhead; Lee Swint correspondence to stewardess met on trip.  NpA on relocation of offices. 


73               Alabama – School Intergration.  Higher education:  press releases regarding  Auburn University and the Universitly of Alabama; secondary education:  Chambers County Board of Education news release re plans for 1970-71 school year; Desegregation plan for the lanett City Schools.


74               GeorgiaSchool  Intergration – West Point  Public Schools.  1968, letter from DHEW to superintendent of schools to effect plans for desegregation  through freedom-of-choice, inadequate; March, 1969 – letter, notice of school desegregation, and forms from superintendent of schools to parents re freedom-of-choice; photocopy of December 1969 court order regarding desegregation. 


75               Chattahoochee Valley Human Relations Forum.  Meeting announcement;l news article.


76               Lafayette.  Copy of National Register of Historic Places Inventory – Nomination Form; photocopy of short paper on Lafayette Presbyterian church; Pilgrimage programs; copies of “A Bird’s Eye View of Lafayette” and “Chronicles of Lafayette, Alabama;”  feature article on courthouse; misc. news articles.


77               Langdale.  Photocopy of houses recommended for inclusion the Langdale Textile Mill Village Historic District.  News clippings, one on dedication of the Draper Memorial Clock and Chimes.


78               Lanett.  Brief sketch of Lanett’s history ; handwritten extract from the minutes of the Lanett City Council meeting of  Feb. 4, 1902 – Office of the Mayor letterhead; newspaper editorial on Gilmer Avenue.  “Comprehensive Plan for LANETT, Alabama, “East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission, covering  period 1978-2000; 116 pages with appendix.


79               Riverview.  Photocopy of article of 1916 Riverview Boy Scout Troup, “oldest in the Valley.” Npa on spelling of name  Photocopy of transcript of Uncle Dan Sims’ memories of Riverview; photocopy of news clipping on Thomas  J. Goggans, Supt., Riverdale Mill.


80               Shawmut.  Small booklet containing the history and meaning of the word Shawmut.  Np photo, construction of I-86 cutting through to Magnolia Road.


81               Tuscaloosa.  Copy  of pen and ink drawings and history of the Tuscaloosa Female College and Park and the Central Female College, Tuscaloosa; cover letter to Floyd Tillery.


82               Lee County.  Photocopy of registration form/National Register of Historic Places on the Franklin Yarbrough jr., Store in Beaulah; handwritten notes on communities in Lee Co.; “Historic Preservation Analysis Lee County, Alabama,” June 1979.  Npa’s:  recounting  earthquake of 1886;  P.O.W. Camp, 1940’s; article on Beaulah family representing “Heart of Alabama,” 1965.


83               Randolph County.  Letter to the editor from Co. W.A. Handle.  History of Randolph Co., handwritten in spiral-bound notebook, by Eugenia E. Smith Frost; script from VBS radio program on Mrs. Alice Howell Casewell at the age of 100 (1966); handwritten notes.  Typewritten segments:  churches, civil war in the county, Wedowee . Npa re loss of litigation regarding county schools.


84               Tallapoosa County.  Map of county; np article on the Graefenberg Medical College, established 1852, near Dadeville, by Philip Madison Shepard.


85               Horseshoe Bend.  Copy of address on Battles of Horseshoe Bend given to Alabama Historical Association, 1966; photocopy of article on  Horseshoe Bend – Military Park; newspaper articles and features; postcards.


86               McCosh’s Mill.  Letter to VMS from Marjorie Andrews mentioning the mill; npa on destruction of the mill by fire.


86-a    Archival and Field Survey of McCosh’s Mill.  West Point Lake, Alabama, 1979., report prepared by Gregory Jeane, Department of Geography, Auburn University.


87               Battle of West  Point .  Mimeographed copies of the poem written by Imogene Griggs Smith for the 50th Anniversary of the battle (1915); copies of the program for April 18, 1865 centennial commemoration; reprint of 1899 article by Dr. I.W. Griggs account of the Battle; photocopy of new articles on 50th anniversary  including that of yankee veteran of the battle of West Point.


88               Confederate Memorial Day/Confederate Monument[s].  Programs and newspaper articles on the observance of Confederate Memorial Day; article on the history of the Confederate Monument, West Point.


89               Civil War – Alabama.  Paper by W. Norman Fitzgerald, Jr. titled “President Lincoln’s  Blockade and the Defense of Mobile,” published in 1954; History of the Fourteenth Regiment Alabama Volunteers;”  “Historical Sketches  of the Forty-Seventh Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A,” with handwritten letter from Wm. Stanley Hoole “Bill”, tucked inside.  “Location and Classification and Dates of Military Events in Alabama, 1861-1865,” 1961.  Montgomery, Program of Centennial Celebration  Civil War, 1961.


90               Civil War – Georgia, Mississippi.  Tour aid Peachtree Creek Battle Field Area.  Play: “The Andersonville Trial;” np series “The Story of Andersonville.” Features: Sherman in Georgia; Major James H. Warner, southern patriot.  Column on the Georgia Dept. of Archives. Booklets: Atlanta Cyclorama – Battle of Atlanta; rpro, 1838 map of same.  VicksburgGibralter of The Confederacy 1953.  Rpt. Georgia Civil War Centennial Commission., 1964.  Bibliography, Battle of Atlanta, Sherman’s March to the Sea.  Brchs, pplt, Stone Mtn. Memorial Park.  46th ed. “Out Heritage,” Mississippi UDC, 1906-1952.  Npa re existence of civil wartime records in Lumpkin. Pcy of document resolving  organization of Sallie Fannie Reid Guards and muster roll.


91               Civil War – Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee.  Booklets:  “The Last Campaign,” E.N. Gilpin, Third Iowa Cavalry, signed by Gen. James Harrison Wilson, 4/25/1911; “Illinois Military Units in the  Civil War,” 1962; Illinois Civil War Sketched, N.1. “The Civil War A Guide for Teachers,” 1963; “The impact of the Civil War on Indiana,” 1962 (2); “The Civil War Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga.”  Brchr: battlefields and monuments at Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga Park, Missionary Ridge, Signal Mountain and Chattanooga.


92               Civil War – leaders.  Bklts: Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forest.  Npa: death of Robert E. Lee.  Facisimile: ltr R.E.Lee to J. Davis, July 8,1863.  Bio sheet: Joseph Wheeler.  History: Ben. B.F. Weathers, Roanoke, AlL, crumbling early photocopy.  Reproductions, Travelers Insurance Co.  composit photo of Union Commanders and Confederate Commanders, 9 3/8 x 14 5/8.


93               Civil War – Miscellaneous.  Pictures in a Confederate Calendar, and a Civil War Calendar (appointment calendars); Booklet titled, map marking Civil War Battlefields, 1861-1865; list, publications relating to confederates/confederacy, 1966. Daniel Emmett, author of “Dixie,” letters to editor regarding; Np feature on Gettysburg.  Self-published work by Rucker Agee, published 1962, titled “Let’s Keep the Record Straight!” in which he endeavors to clarify points of Civil War History.


94               Civil War – Veterans.  NpA on oldest and on passing of the last.


95               Confederate States of America/Confederacy.  “Catechism on the History of the Confederate States of America 1861-1865,” circ 1955, published by the United Daughters of the Confederacy; minutes of the 10th annual convention of the Alabama Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1906; transcript of a letter from a confederate soldier to his family, end of war; reprint of article in The Georgia Review, “The Confederate Constitution Today,” 1955.  Publication of letter from Alexander Stephens titled “A letter for Posterity Alex Stephens to His Brother Linton June 3, 1864,” by Emory University, 1954.  Reprint of advertisement fun by delegates to Alabama Sesession  Convention who opposed sesession.


96               African American – Military History, Negro History Bulletin, V36 N6, October 1973, entire issue devoted to military history; np article titled “The Civil War WAS the Black Man’s Business.”


97               Alabamians.  Article on William Wyatt Bibb; reprint of VBS paper for AHA on Lafayette Hoyt Defriese; chronology and brief biography of Thomas Goode Jones.  Sun. mag. feature: Idyl King Sorsby.


98               Georgians.  Feature articles on Georgians:  Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Orville Tyler Schaefer; Margaret Mitchell (destruction of papers); Dow Clifton Burk.  Packet listing plants to be included on a tour.  NP articles on Jim Townsend, the “Maxwell Perkins of Atlanta.”  Photocopy of np (Ledger-Enquirer) article on Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar, founder of The Enquirer.  Sunday mag feature on Dr. Joshua Gilbert, 1st physician Atlanta.  Np feature on Mary Musgrove, interpreter for Oglethorpe, and “Empress of Georgia.”  Wm. H. Crawford, “almost president”[U.S.].  Feature, Garland Brooks Turner (human  interest).


99               Margaret Mitchell – Gone With the Wind.  Booklet prepared by MacMillan  Company, 1961, 25th Anniversary of book; article on the destruction of Margaret Mitchell’s papers, per her request.


100           Georgia – State of - Miscellaneous.  Proceedings of the First Annual Session of the State Farmers’ Alliance of Georgia.  Industries, as listed in group of plants to be toured.  Feature on Georgia’s oldest  courthouse.  “Georgia Heritage Special,” ticket, np sheet with historic events.  The Atlanta Phoenix V1 N1, includes history on origins of Atlanta, forts In Georgia, historic Savannah, marked historic sites in Georgia.


101           Troup County.  Np reprint of History of Troup Co., published in 1925; brochure on Lagrange historic sited titled “Nancy Hart Tour,” 1990 calendar featuring trains, depots and rails of Troup County; handwritten notes on old Whatley, and old Estes cemeteries; article on closure of Gabbettsville P.O., and signed, verified cancelled envelope from last day of operations of Gabbettsville P.O.


     101a   Troup County – Businesses.  Haralson – Crowder & Co. Mill, photocopies of legal transactions concerning properties and acquisitions and business transactions.


102           Harris County. V1 N1 Folk & Kinfolk, 1975.  How and when Chipley became Pine Mts., feature in Sunday mag. 3/30/58.


103           West Point, Georgia.  1968 Annual Report of the Municipal Planning Board.  Report of Visiting Committee – Harrison High School, 1969.  Climatological Summary” published by the U.S. Weather Bureau, circ 1957.  “Out of Print” items from The West Point Shield, Nov. 1870’s.  Photocopy, article in Urban Georgia: “Johnny Barrow’s Bridge.” Paper by Emory Student, 1955, “The Transportation Facilities of West Point, Georgia.”  Misce. items on West Point merchants.  Npa re expansion of city limits, 1953.  GHC “Musings,” undated.  1961, obit. O.C. Ware.  Excerpts from The West Point Shield, Oct. 18, 1879/Nprepr.

103a    West Point  Businesses.  Newcommen address by Waights G. Henry on the Coca Bottling Company of West PointLagrange, Ga., “Tributary to a Golden Stream.”  Paper on Batson-Cook, memories of by Floyd Tillery, 1972.  Invitation to special pre-sale viewing, Hagedorn’s 1967.  Handwritten history of Hengltler’s.  Reference in other notes to The Southern Alliance Steam Print, a publication in West Point, Ga.


103b    West  Pointers.  Pc 1973  by Geo. Oslin as inventor of singing telegram.  Ltr. 1969, from director Emory Museum to VBS regarding items donated to Emory by Virginia Glover Cook.


104           Historic Preservation – Miscellaneous.  Articles fliers and newsletters regarding specific efforts in preservation, programs to facilitate preservation, etc.


105           “Historic Sites Survey – Evaluation – Re-inventory,” East Alabama Regional Planning and Development commission, June, 1972.  Survey includes Chambers, Clay, Coosa, Randolph, and Tallapoosa Counties; and Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Etowah and Talladega Counties.


106           State Farmers Alliance of Georgia.  “Proceedings of the First annual Session of the State Farmer’s Alliance of Georgia,” 1888, Macon, GA.


107           World War I.  12 Langdale War Service Bulletins – mimeographed 8 ½ x 11 pages stapled inside 8 ¾ 11 ¼ printed white covers with red and blue graphics, and pictures of each of the 5 mills on back cover.  Defenders of Democracy.  Front page of The Lafayette Sun for August 21, 1918.  “Save the Waste and Win the War,  boxed message printed top of page.


108           World War II.  War ration books for Virginia and Hugh Smith and M. V. Robertson, Langdale.  front page Alabama Journal for July 3, 1944; Alabama Legionnaire for July and October, 1944; Chattahoochee Valley Times, Sept 18, 1946; Alabama v10 n31 – Aug. 3, 1945.


109           USS Alabama.  Press releases, newspaper clippings, literature on the history of the ship, and efforts to bring her to the State of Alabama.


110           Tuskegee Institute.  Book published for Golden Anniversary celebration titled “Tuskegee Institute the First Fifty Years,” consists of Anson Stokes Founder’s Day Address with additions, notes and appendices.  Reprints from the journal HortScience written by Tuskegee Institute faculty on the sweet potato: “ ‘Rojo  Blanco’ Sweet  Potato,” ‘Carver’ Sweet Potato.”  Student, 1955, “ Bulletin from series titled “Historical Background of the World’s Leading Horticultural Crops – The Sweet Potato.”  Photocopy of a press release on the Sweet Potato Breeding, Production and Utilization Research Program.  Vita and speech of Booker T. Whatley, director of sweet potato research.


111           Veterans HospitalTuskegee.  3 b/w 8 x 10 photos; map of grounds; brochure literature.


112           Southern Union College.  1957-58 catalogue.


113           Warm Springs Foundation.  Newspaper clips of patients, support.  Brochure on center, 1927-1956; 1958 radio address by Basil O’Connor, President of the National  Foundation for Infantile Paralysis from Warm Springs Foundation.


114           Warm Springs.  Brochures on the Little White House. (2) Menu from the Hotel Warm Springs.


115           City of Valley.  Program for the dedication of the Valley City Hall Complex, 1985.


116           Roanoke.  Four-part series of newspaper articles on business, stores and emporiums from 1834-1920’s; letter to VBA with names of business people of Roanoke.  Booklet titled “History of Roanoke.”  Np feature, history.  Npa on Junior Service League, 1974.


117           Ella Smith – Dolls.  Np articles on Ella Smith and her dolls. 


118           Lanett Kiwanis Club.  Biographical information on Rep. George Andrews,  Alabama, who spoke to club.


119            African American Organizations—Chambers and Troup Counties.  Program for an event titled “The Emancipation Proclamation Presentation of the Troup County Coalition.  Includes officers and members of West  Point Voters League.


120           Cotton.  Cartoon history of “The Cotton Textile Story.” (3) Booklet with samples titled “Cotton Field to Fabric.”  Booklets, Valley Cotton Festival 1949 and 1950.  Information for Maid of Cotton contestant and chaperon, 1953 Alabama Maid of Cotton Contest.


121           Cotton History Review.  V1 N1-4 1960l


122           Textile Manufacturers Associations.  Alabama Textile Manufactures Association, paper (Growth of Industry in the South”) presented at 1957 Public Relations Meeting ATMA.  Booklet titled “Public Relations and Textiles in Alabama,” 1957-58.  Yearbooks “4th Shift” for 1957, 1959, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966.  Report of the 49th meeting of the Cotton Manufacturers association of Georgia.


123           Callaway Gardens. Brochure, early, with map and information.  Brochure contains location Chipley rather than Pine Mountain.   Feature on the Garden’s Log Cabin Museum, Sunday Ledger Enquirer, 4/60.


124           Apalachicola Fort.  1966 Historic Marker dedication, program. Np articles on history and location/discovery of remains.  Correspondence re dedication and placement on national register of historic sites.


125           Churches – African American. Centennial booklet, Shady Grove A.M.E. Zion Church; Excerpts from works detailing allocation of lands for churches for African Americans: New Canaan Church; Powell Chapel Church; Mt. Olive Church; Mt. Nebo Baptist Church; Methodist Episcopal Church-Lanett; Colored Baptist Church—Cusseta.


126           Churches – Upper Chattahoochee Valley.  Np article on Mt. Pisgah Church; bound history of the Langdale Baptist Church by Mrs. Hugh Smith (3); centennial program, and partial history of First Baptist Church of Valley (Langdale Baptist Church); Dedication Day program for Spring Road Christian Church; program Lafayette Presbyterian Church; Fannie Herzberg history, Temple Bethel and centennial program, Np article; 2-page history Cusseta Baptist Church; Histories of the First Christian Church of West Point, 1853-1953; of the First Methodist Church of Lanett; and of Methodist in West Point; copy of Joe L. Lanier’s 1955 address to the Valley Ministerial Association; items from a jubilee reception given for Father James Salway, Holy Family Church, Lanett, AL; Long Cane Baptist Church, service with returned communion silver.


127           Churches – Cleburne, Clay-Lee-Randolph-Tallapoosa Counties, and misc. other counties. Clay:  Np feature on Bowden Grove Church.  Lee – Np articles on Hopwell, Crawford and Gold Hill Methodist Churches.  RandolphNp features on Pleasant Grove, Shiloh, Mt. Pleasant Churches; reference to Rocky Mount  Primitive Baptist Church.  Russell – Np article on Oswitchee Baptist and Methodist Churches.  TallapoosaNp articles, Sandy Creek  and County Line Baptist Churches; Other – Post Oak Baptist Church, Calhoun Co.; Saint Michael and All Angels, Protestant Episcopal, Anniston, Calhoun Co.


128           Baptist Associations:  East Liberty Baptist Association and Salem – Troy Baptist  Association.  East Liberty Baptist Association minutes from annual sessions, 1953, 1954, 1955; Pike County Historical Society Paper, “A Brief History of the Salem-Troy Baptist Association.”


129           Davis,  Winnie.  Feature article in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, 10-4-59. Includes full-page photograph of portrait.


130           Heflin, Tom.  Brief biographical introduction of Heflin’s speech on Lester Bryant (as recorded in the Congressional Record) which according to VBS’s introduction led to the [formation?] of 4-H clubs,  VBS article on Heflin, taken from Vince Dooley’s master’s thesis on same.


131           Hooper, Johnson Jones/Simon Suggs.  Np articles on Hooper, on his election to Alabama Newspaper Hall of Honor in 1962; column by Boone Aiken.


132           John Will Johnson, Sr. – Misc. papers.  Business, political and personal correspondence to Mr. Johnson, and carbons of correspondence from Mr. Johnson during the years 1934-1961.


         132 a       John Will Johnson, Sr. – Misc. papers.  Copies of civic and political speeches given by Mr. Johnson; newspaper clippings.  Programs, correspondence and papers from and of the University Alumni Association.


          132b       John Will Johnson, Sr. – Misc. papers.  Newspaper and magazine clippings on topics of interest to Mr. Johnson.  Includes articles  on civil rights, the federal courts, esp. the U.S. Supreme Court, Gov. George Wallace, and the Putnam Letter.  Article by Sen. Sam Erwin titled “The Power to Interpret is not the Power to Amend.”


133           Lanier, Joe L.  Speeches, newspaper articles.


134           Lanier, Sidney.  Booklet titled:  “Sidney Lanier America’s Sweet Singer of Songs.”  Written and published in 1943 by Tallu Fish.


135           Lang, Thomas.  Memoirs, as printed in The Textile History Review, 1962 in an article titled “Facets of the Cotton Textile Industry  and Mill Life in England and the Southeast; Memoirs of Thomas Lang (1829-1923), Written in 1901.”


136           Parnell, John H. – Parnell Place.  B/w photo of Huguly-Parnell Place, Christmas card.  B/w photographic copy of np article on Charles Stewart Parnell; npa on history of Holy Family Catholic Church and the Merna’s who came with John Howard Parnell.  Papers by VBS on John Parnell and his peach farm.  VBS correspondence with James Delaney, the Irish Embassy, Mark  Fretwell and the National Library of Ireland regarding John Howard Parnell.  Letter from Morgan Cantey setting out succession of ownership of land purchased by John H. Parnell.  Column in The West Point News following the death of John Parnell.


137           Tyler, Robert – General.  Photocopy of article from Civil War Times Illustrated, VIXN6; photocopy Isom Stanley’s article on the death of General Tyler.  Genealogical material supplied by the family of Lt. John B. Kent, adjutant to General Tyler.


138           Wallace, George and Lurleen.  Campaign Newsletter, George Wallace, 1969; feature article on George’s popularity in Barbour County, The Sunday Ledger-Enquirer Magazine, July 15, 1962.  Booklets (2) (8 ½ x 11) Lurleen Wallace Courage Crusade (fund-raising-cancer).  “The Alabama Sentinel”, V 8 N2, Oct. 1967.  Christmas card from Gov. & Mrs. Wallace.


         138a        George Wallace Inaugural Committee of Chambers County.  Memos (7/62 and 8/62) from O.D. Alsobrook, Judge of Probate, to list of men, including Hugh Smith, inviting them to serve on the committee.


139           Weathers, Gen. B.F.  Early photostatic copy and more recent photocopy of history of the General, a native of Roanoke.


140           WBMK.  Buyers guide, provided by station.  Scripts for VBS program “Ladies Be Seated;” correspondence; wire service and other copy.


141           WBMK-First Lady.  Scripts and correspondence.  VBS program saluting individual women who made contributions.  Honorees include:  Mrs. Frank Fuller, Mrs. Lewis Swint, Frances Smith Hansen, Mrs. Enloe Carson, Eloise Lee Lehman, Miss Exa Till, Mrs. Duell Barnes, Mrs. John Will Terry, Marjorie Andrews, Mrs. Marvin Swilling, Mrs. W.L. Cowles, Mrs. Harmon Gay, Miss. Lura Frances Johnson, Ophelia Judd Scroggs, Mrs. E.E. Moore, Mrs. Blake Lane, Irma Hawkins Garnett, Anne Octavia Alsobrook Sullivan, Nan Coley Murphy,  Mrs. Robert Turnipseed, Mrs. John Howarth, Mrs. Wendell Coffee, Mrs. Robert Taylor, Margaret Davidson, Grace Newman Polidora, Mrs. Harvey Enloe, Mrs. Bill Hodnett,  Mrs. John Burgess,  Mary Brewer Trent, Estelle Bullard Jennings, Fanny Herzberg, Harriet Rebecca Ramage Odum, Mrs. Bruce Gray, Mrs. Paul Schnedl, Marilyn Terry, Miss Gladsy Ozley.


         142a        East Alabama Today.  Misc. correspondence.  Includes press releases; letters of appreciation for articles written; requests for information; suggestions for stories; factual disagreements with VBS; and responses to inquiries by VBS for information.  Three letters from Floyd Tillery with information on Bean’s Mill, early R.F.D. in Lee County, unnamed slave graveyard, and a Miss Sudie Wallace of Cusseta. 


          142b         East Alabama Today.  Miscellaneous assortment of programs, notes, materials for stories/articles.  Includes prints of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett removed from a book titled The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid.  Blue spiral-bound notebook with notes on the counties of the State of Alabama.  Mimeographed, undated list of Klans in Alabama.  Features and brochure on the Freedom Quilting Bee.  Typed sheet of homeopathic remedies.  Article titles “Children and The Penal Laws,” from Dec. 1968 The Alabama Municipal Journal.


           142c         East Alabama Today.  Newsprint copies and VBA press card.  Copy of Christmas column, 1969; holiday greeting/picture with other EAT writers, 1969.  Booklet titled “Searching for History in East Alabama.”


143     Chambers County Families.  Miscellaneous items relating to various families.  Included the Allen, Bibby, Breed, Harris and Hunter families.



144      Chambers Murders.  Np article on unsolved murders.



145       Chambers County Jail.  Architectural Feasibility Study “Preliminary Population Studies, Projections and Recommendations for the Proposed New Chambers County Jail,” prepared for the Jail Feasibility Study Committee, 1982.


146Huguley Water System.  “History of the Huguley Water System,” 1965-1987, written and compiled by Mary Sue Smith, Manager.


147Huguley.  Npa on straw vote to be held to determine citizen interest in incorporation.


148Tallapoosa River Electric Cooperative.  20th Anniversary (1939-1959), 8 ½” x 11” booklet with photo of Horseshoe Bend on cover.  Feb. 1968 copy of AREA.  Article : reminiscences of early history, Lee Co.


149Womens  ClubsAlabama.  State and Local.  6 mimeographed sheets, 8 ½ x 14, on Women’s Patriotic Societies in Alabama.  (3 copies) 1 8 x 10, 1 5 x 7 b/w photo E. Lehman.  Feature page on floral Christmas decorations.  Handwritten editorial, “The Mother of Valley Clubs.”


150Valley Music Club.  Handwritten notes, articles; newspaper articles; programs; and typed minutes.


151Railroad History – West Central Georgia – East Central Alabama.  Booklets: (1) Geographically correct map, Atlanta and West Point Rail Road Company – the Western Railway of Alabama- Georgia Railroad route, 1953; map folded and attached inside 3 7/8 x 7 covers; “The Southern Crescent – A History of Good Service,” 6x 9; “The Great Locomotive Chase on the Western & Atlantic Railroad.”  Npa’: 1973 Roanoke Leader.  Mgz; “Cresent,” Trains the Magazine of Railroading, 7/64.  News release, 8/69 re discontinuation of “The Crescent Limited.”  Blank letterhead, Valley Railroad Centennial.


152Businesses – Miscellaneous.  Newcomem pamphlets: “Munford, Inc., a Brief History;” “Forty Years of Alabama Power Company 1911-1951.”  Carbon of a news release on Eckerd Drug Stores.


153Genealogy.  Correspondence to both VBS and other members CVHS regarding genealogical information.  History included in some correspondence.  Included: Barber, Crowder-Mangham/Manning, Robinson/Word/Ellis, Gay, Harrell, Floyds, Nolan, Ogletree Parkman, Tillery, Trammell, Whitlow.


154Genealogy-Miscellaneous, general.  Np article on ancestor hunting; booklet; catalogue of books available from the Genealogical Publishing Co.; The Genealogical Helper – excerpt from 1960; V13 N3, 1959.


155Genealogy – VBS Personal.  Letters and notes on the Awbrey and Brannan families.


156  James E. Carter.  Headlines, front page, election of Carter, B’ham News, 11/3/76.  Cover and feature, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 1/16/77.  Atlanta Constitution, 11/4/76, section of Carter.  Columbus Ledger Enquirer, 1/20 and 1/21/77, pre and post  inauguration.


157  Native Americans – Alabama.  Np feature titled “What the Conquistadores Saw in Alabama.”  Papers; “The Quad Site a Paleo-Indian Village in Northern Alabama;” “Old Chattahoochee Town and Early Muscogee Indian Settlement.”  Miscellaneous notes, papers on Indians; topics include prehistoric evidence in Chambers County; history of Creek Indians; Ocfuskooche.  Np articles on return of 100 acres of land in Russell County to the Yuchi; and on the Creek effort to be reimbursed for lands taken under the Jackson Treaty.


158  Native Americans – Georgia.  Np feature, full length map of the state with location of Indian tribes; article titled “Indians in Georgia,” April 14, 1968; map based on work done by John H. Goff.  Np articles: artifacts, Chattahoochee River above Oliver Dam; history of the Coweta Basin; discovery of RoanokeGeorgia.


159   TVA – Wilson Dam.  Brochure on Wilson Dam.  Npa regarding placement on National Historic Register.


160Cemeteries – Miscellaneous.  Npa on clean-up of East Lake Cemetery.  Handwritten list of old cemeteries in Chambers County.  Notes individuals, notation of Briskey Cemetery.  Typed directions, description, Thornton Grave Yard.


161  Ladies Home Journal, The.  January, 1919.  Separate sheets, torn and ragged edges.


161a  Ladies Home Journal, The  “Good Dressing,” V 14 N 146, June 1919.  11 x 14 newsprint , 8 pages: fragile.  Women’s and children’s fashions; pattern catalog.  Photocopy attached to preserve original.


162East Alabama Genealogical Society.  Undated sheet of paper setting forth long-range goals of the East Alabama Genealogical Society.  V8 N1 Tap Roots, front cover torn off.


163Auburn University.  Miscellaneous news clippings.


164  National Events – Miscellaneous.  Npa, statehood for Hawaii.  Photo copy of page 1 Opelika Auburn News, Nov. 22, 1963, day Pres. Kennedy killed.


165  Miscellaneous – Speeches/Papers.  “Vietnam Vignette; “ history of railroads; manufacture of glass; history of Greece.


166  Alabama Social Welfare.  V 33 N 6, November-December 1968.  Bimonthly publication of the State Department of Pensions and Security, Montgomery, AL.


167  Chambers-Tallapoosa – Organizations.  Chambers-Tallapoosa Community Action Executive Board Minutes, Jan. 16, 1969.  Programs Junior Achievement of Chattahoochee-Tallapoosa, Inc. banquet, May 18, 1961.


168   Yucchi – Council, Foundation, Plans.  Np articles.


169    Columbus, GA. – Misc.  News excerpts from late 19th Century  Ledger-Enquirer.


170   Miscellaneous Papers.  Includes certificate of authorization as Notary Public for VBS in 1959, during administration of Gov. John Patterson.


171   Miscellaneous news clippings/articles.  Includes clippings on historic buildings, historical societies, politicians, and editorials.


                    171a  Miscellaneous news clippings/photographs.  Photographs placed in NP for identification.


172Photographs – Unidentified.  Photographs, sepia, from late 19th century:  good-size group of women and men mill workers; farm house with lattice-work around porch.  Postcard size railroad tracks through flood waters, bw.  2 b/w Kodak pictures of Mariposa County Courthouse – historical marker and plaque.


173University of Alabama.  Misc. clippings.


174Walker W. Stephen Poetry.  Typewritten copies of poems: “Alabama Bayou;”  “River.”  “Harbor at Evening;”  “Surf at Night;”  “Last Port;”  “Ship at Sunset;” “Gulf Stream;” “Dusk at Cape Horn;” “Florida Key;” “Moon Foundry;” “Telescopic View of Jupiter and Moons;” “Day Dawn;” “Prairie in the Stars;” “Desert Seascape;” “Landscape;” “Train Whistle;” “Farm at Evening;” “Helping;” “Dog Tracks in a Sidewalk.”


175  Miscellaneous.  Page 2, The Valley Vocational Voice, Oct. 10, 1939.  1963 catalog UGAPress.  Sets of handwritten notes.  Brochure 8th Dixie Annual Art Shot – Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, 1967.  Ltr. Rep. Joe Starnes to Pfc. Evans C. Johnson, 1944, re Soldier Vote Bill.  Catalog No. 14 Great Lakes Book  Store.  Letterhead stationary, Mrs. Hugh Smith.  (1 sheet) Ltr., postcard, poem, witticism, stained and written-on picture of stone cottages, b/w.  Book Beginners Bible Stories published by the Southern Baptist Convention.


176   Collier’s.  V137 N7, March 30, 1956.


177    Thomas Lang.  Black and white studio photograph of grey haired, grey moustached and grey bearded Mr. Lang, with cane and boutonniere.  Framed, 8 ½” x 10 ½”.


178    Smith Home.  Black and white 8” x 10” photograph front angled view of home of Hugh and Virginia Smith in Langdale, shot of next door house as well.  Photo made by WestPoint Pepperell.


179    Langdale Union Sunday School.  Photograph, 20” x 8”, bw going sepia, fly-specked.








































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