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All of us have the opportunity to be personally involved with the growth and work of the Chambers County Library by becoming a Friend. You may join the Friends of the Library in our effort to make our library a genuine showcase for the community and a valuable asset as we strive to enhance the quality of life for citizens of all ages.

Friends of the Chambers County Library is a non-profit organization with one goal in mind -- supporting our local public library as a cultural, educational and recreational asset to area citizens, particularly our children. We want you to be a member.

Your tax-exempt dues will help support the effort to make the library in Valley and the library in LaFayette the best in the South. We'll give the libraries the support they need in expanding programs already in place and adding new ones that appeal to young and old.

This is your opportunity. Don't pass it up.

Annual Membership Dues: $5 Friend, $10 Family, $35 Patron, $100 Benefactor, $500 Corporate

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