Materials may be renewed or put on hold for you in person, by phone, or from your library account at home. To renew or place a hold request by phone, please call (334) 768-2161 for Bradshaw Library in Valley or (334) 864-0012 for the LaFayette Library.

To renew materials or place hold requests from home, you will need to be assigned a library PIN number. For the security of your library account, you must come in person to the library and present your library card to receive your PIN number. Once you have been assigned a PIN, please visit the Online Catalog and select  the Patron Review section.

You will need to enter your 14-digit library patron number located on the back of your library card and your PIN number. You may change your PIN number after logging in the first time.

You may renew items twice. If a title has been requested by another patron, you will not be allowed to renew the title. DVD and videotapes cannot be renewed.

To place a HOLD, search the Online Catalog for the item by title, author or keyword. Select either the LaFayette or Bradshaw copy. Click on the PLACE HOLD button. You will then need to enter your 14-digit patron number and your PIN number. If the item is available, the library staff will be notified electronically to pull the item from the shelf. When the item has been pulled, you will be contacted by phone.