The following Research Procedures have been compiled by the Cobb Memorial Archives in an attempt to ensure that your inquiry receives prompt and appropriate attention. Searches will be done only for records available at the Cobb Memorial Archives.

Factual questions
Factual questions are answered by the Cobb Memorial Archives staff without charge. If possible, e-mail your question to cobbarchives@chamberscountylibrary.org. If you submit a question by mail, please include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE).

Examples of factual questions:
  • "When was Chambers County formed?"
  • "Where would I find local cemetery records?"
Specific Record Requests (with date)
Specific record requests will be searched for $5. Includes: Up to 10 pages of photocopies and postage. Requests running beyond 10 pages become hourly requests (see below). Requests for specific records without dates are also treated as hourly requests (see below).

Examples of specific record requests:
  • "I would like the Chambers County Marriage Indices searched for the marriage of John Smith and wife Mary on 17 Mar 1836."

Hourly requests
Hourly requests are searched at the rate of $8 an hour for members of the Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society (CVHS) or $10 an hour for non-members. Hourly rate includes report and postage. Photocopies are $.15 per page.

Only 1-hour of staff time may be devoted to research requests. A 1-hour minimum will be charged for research requests. Research requests involving microfilm or manuscript collections are hourly requests.

We reserve the right to determine if a request is going to take more time than our staff can handle. In these cases, you will need to come in person to complete your research or hire someone to do the research for you.

Examples of hourly requests:

  • "I would like the Loose Papers microfilm collection searched for the marriage of John Smith and wife Mary, which probably occurred in the 1830s."
  • "Could you search your collections for references to John Smith in Chambers County in the late 1800s?"

Things We Can't Do
1) Guarantee that our search for records will be successful.
2) Search for records outside of the Cobb Memorial Archives collection.
3) Do extended research on family surnames or individuals.